All Poppenliefde dolls are made of organic Swiss cotton. This from Switzerland coming organic cotton is round knitted and has a knit and purl side. It is manufactured environmentally and is named "Oko-Tex". Partly because of the fine quality the doll will keep his shape. The structure is solid, doesn't tear or pull little dirt.
The dolls are filled with soft sheep wool and have embroidered eyes and mouth and a crocheted mohair wig or a wig made of weft.

Because the dolls are made of fabric, they can also become a little dirty, but this is also the nature of the dolls. Because the dolls are made of natural materials they will get their own smell, exactly what children like.
When the doll has some spots, you can first try to remove it with pressing on the spot with a wet towel. Of course, the dolls can be washed, but only by hand in lukewarm water and a little soap.
Do not put the dolls in the washing machine or dryer.
After washing you press gently down on the doll to squeeze out as much water as you can, but don't twist or wring the body. When the doll is rinsed, wrap it in a towel and squeeze gently to remove more water.
Reshape the head and limbs if necessary. Place the doll, face up, on a towel and let it dry. Since the towels will get saturated with water, use a few and keep rotating to soak up the water.

Because all dolls are made by hand it's possible a thread gets loose or they lose a button. That's why it's important to check the dolls completely regularly.
Because of that you also receive a little sewing kit with every doll. It holds a needle and thread so you can sew loose seams. And you'll get a piece of organic cotton and a wax crayon for those lovely rosy cheeks.